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Did You Nail Your Foot to the Floor?

Remember being in elementary school and memorizing the "word of the week?"

It's back! And, this week your word is:


/ pivat /

noun - the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates

verb - turn on or as if on a pivot

I continue to hear "pivot" used in all tenses ...

  • Past - we pivoted

  • Present - we are pivoting

  • Future - we're planning a pivot

In many cases, I see "pivot" as really implying the client nailed their left foot to the floor and are slowly turning in circles.

Eliminate your pain

Close your eyes and envision nailing your foot to the floor. First, it's going to hurt - and then you're going to pivot in a small circle afterward.

In some cases, that's what's happening to your "pivot" in your business.

You nailed it to the floor.

Un-nailing your foot

Here are a few thoughts on how to quickly un-nail your business from its circular pivot.

  1. start with an imagined outcome

  2. list the actions (backward) required to get to that outcome

  3. jot down a strategy for the who, what, when, where needed to accomplish the actions

  4. align the folks needed to lead your strategy to its outcome

  5. together with that team, create a simple plan based on small steps that everyone can measure quickly

  6. get started without waiting for perfection

  7. rinse and repeat as needed

Taking action

Your pivot is likely not going to be smooth. Along the path, there will be bumps, bruises, knocks, and bangs. It will probably look like this:

By breaking your plan into small steps, each point of unplanned-result can be measured and quickly corrected.

The critical point is taking consistent actions that move you closer to your outcome - every day!

And then there's simplicity

One final thought. In step 5, I used the word simple. I want you to think of this phrase;

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." Coco Chanel

It's in our nature to over-plan and seek perfection. By keeping your plan simple, you allow for the start of velocity.

In the case of your business pivot - action trumps perfection every time!

When executing on your pivot, having a trusted partner can be invaluable. You can learn more about how I approach helping my clients with their pivot by visiting

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