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Do What You say

This week we are going to look at doing what you say. Doing what we say should be simple enough. Right?

We can, at times, commit to performing an action, deliver on a task, or add to scope without really intending to fulfill.

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep. - Anthony Hitt

I have seen first hand when we look for a way to satisfy the clients' needs. We intend well because we care. We can see into the client's future and know their possible outcome. So, to circumvent that eventuality, we pile on "more" stuff.

We also put ourselves into harm's way by committing to "more" when the client is upset or disappointed. Rather than taking accountability for our actions we make a peace offering and hope it makes the bad go away.

Although there are other examples, the most damaging is promising "more" as a path to earn business. You'll think, "if I just do this for free this time, they'll love me more and hire me again." Generally, the inverse occurs. The "more" that you promised is FREE, so you may deliver at a level below your standard excellence.  

By the way, the client now knows you will do more for free.

So what to do?

Implementation of promises is as important as making them. - Y.S. Reddy

Don't make promises or commitments that will not be kept

People, time and money. Your client will make plans for people, time, and money that revolve around what you promise. When you fail to deliver your promise, you cost that client and impact the triangle of business... people, time, and money.

Trust. Your business cost is client trust. Somewhere, someone made a promise (generally upwards in the company ladder) that your committed-promise would occur. 

Blame. When you miss on delivering that promise, that individual has to go tell that someone "it is not happening" and either take the blame or pass the blame. I'll let you guess who gets the blame. 

Lost opportunity. As a result, your credibility suffers. You missed on the promise. It doesn't matter what it was. All that matters and all that's remembered is your miss. 

Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.

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