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Fall In Love With Your Client

Delivering any service can is tricky. Let's agree that when your service involves “Interacting Human to Human” the risk of drama, dissatisfaction, turmoil, and frustration becomes real (and quite likely) very quickly. 

Hopefully, the intent for your service is to develop a life-long relationship with your client. At least a relationship that over-accomplishes their goals and sets them up for lasting success. 

“Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.” David Rockwell


It is tough to do great things without understanding and caring about the “why or the who.” Delivering a service is no exception to this. Without understanding “why and who,” you and your client run the risk of a complete miss on the outcome.

When you are developing your understanding, look for something to love. Now, that’s not a person to fall in love with. It’s an idea. A core value. A promise. A goal. The team. Something that sets your client apart - - their unique value.

Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places

It's really up to you to find this information and distill it into something meaningful. The great news is we are in a digital age where information about the people, activities and organization is right there at your fingertips. You're an expert in your field. Now become an expert on your client.

Examples of sources you should be reviewing might include:

  • Google news search

  • Review social media

  • Review LinkedIn page

  • Review BLOG

  • Check competitors

  • Review website

  • Yelp search

  • Watch webinars

  • Annual Report

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar

Be In It For Them - Not For You

Take time to get to know their unique value, and like it - - love it. Demonstrate that love by telling your client what you discovered and why it may be essential for you to help them. When telling them what you discovered, use words like “we” and “us” and “our.” Drop the I, me, my and become a part of their world. 

Be clear on what your unique value is and how you will help them progress and accomplish their outcome, not your outcome. Your client's confidence in your ability to deliver will go up when they know you're a part of their team and an active participant in their vision and mission.

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