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Talk to Your Client

Ever feel lonely? Are you left out? Wondering if someone is mad at you? Was it something you said? You thought they liked you...

We get those feelings from abandonment and insecurity.


The great news is that everyone, I mean everyone, is insecure. We are all insecure by nature, and at times everyone feels abandoned.

The psychologist Dr. Melanie Greenberg tells us, "Most of us feel insecure sometimes, but some of us feel insecure most of the time."

  1. Dr. Greenberg goes on to explain three reasons for insecurity.

  2. Insecurity Based on Recent Failure or Rejection

  3. Lack of ConfidenceInsecurity Driven by Perfectionism 


Now that we know that everyone ... everyone... deals with insecurity in some form, how do we help our clients? What can we do to help that other HUMAN?

Make it a point to communicate with your client both in a regular (promised) manner and an irregular manner. 

We all understand setting up a "standing call" to talk about project status. That type of meeting is, at a minimum, expected of us. It should have a structured approach with agenda, action items, accountability and to-dos, and serves a specific purpose in the life of your client relationship.

What's not expected is the added touch that demonstrates caring.

Take the time to contact your client on an irregular basis.

That moment when you can call and say, "I was thinking about you … and wanted to see how you/we/project is doing." 

Ask them how they FEEL!

Your client needs to know that they are top of mind and part of your daily thought process. Let them know that they, as individuals, matter both to the success of the project and to themselves for the value the bring. Find ways to express that to them both publicly and privately.

Communicate with your client


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