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The Truth About Spiders and Their Business

I have the goal to one day write a book about spiders. That might seem like a weird topic for a musician turned chef turned engineer turned business leader turned CEO turned entrepreneur ... but it's on my mind.

Spiders are amazing creatures. They wear their "bones" on the outside. They get in and out of places that make you scratch your head. And, they're quick, but not about everything.

Coming from Alabama originally, I grew up around these creatures—some the size of your hand. Truth!

Now, as a Californian, one of my favorites is an orb weaver. On warm August mornings, I'll find them sitting in the middle of a big web that was not there the evening before. They found that spot - saw the opportunity - and decided that it was the perfect place to "open for business." The web is perfectly connected to its surroundings, and the spider remains motionless at its center, aware of its surroundings.

When a leaf falls on the web, the spider just sits there. It's a leaf. Not essential and indeed not interesting. When a bug lands on the web, it crosses the web and touches it to confirm its size and risk. Then it generally dispatches the bug's fate.

It'll wrap the bug in silk and, depending on size, come back time and again for a snack.

Why is all of this talk about spiders important to your business? Here are five critical thoughts that may help you.

Start With Your Mindset - Wear your "bones" on the outside. If you don't have your head "screwed on" no one on your team will. Your clients will sense it. Your vendors and suppliers will know. Take time DAILY to do some simple things to get your mindset right.

Create Opportunity - Seek new opportunities. Like spinning a web in a place where none was a few hours before, examine your products and/or services. What can you do - quickly - that extends your reach, capabilities, and offerings?

Strive For Connection - Connect your "web" to the surroundings. Now, more than ever, we succeed together. Your client relationships - vendor relationships - team relationships - are critical. Connection implies caring. Caring joins all parties into your desires and eventually, your outcomes.

Prioritize For impact - Know the difference between a leaf and a bug. In this time of "noise" (and lots of it), focus on what you can control and what matters most for your business success. Be aware of leaves - but, prioritize their removal appropriately.

Be Agile - Make your actions snack size. Keep focused on simple, small steps and take action every day!

If you'd like to talk about spiders or business, you can reach me by visiting my website, I'll tell you about another favorite (Portia Fimbriata). Or, we can explore ways to grow your personal and business successes together.

Oh - and before you stomp the next spider into oblivion - take a couple of minutes and watch them. Then stomp if you must.

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