"I have witnessed first hand his capacity to connect with people and understand their needs in a way that few high level executives today possess."

Humphrey Christian

"He pushed us to excel at every opportunity, and for me personally his mentorship helped me to build new skills I wouldn't have otherwise developed."

Dan Brooks

"He represents that blend of personal and professional skills that makes him a great resource for an organization while also making him a pleasure to work with."

Heath Ramsey

"Doland provided the right mix of strategic direction, micro management and humor to keep the stakeholders engaged and the project on track."

Bill Holzendorf

"Doland was able to brilliantly and confidently untangle the web, identify new opportunities for the market place, and help us focus on best next steps forward. His experience building successful businesses, combined with his intentioinally practical yet human-centric approach was both refreshing and fruitful.”"

Frank Fitzpatrick


Brandon See
Paul Ace